Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner [CIMP]

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Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner

Bright Future Traing Center is pleased to launch the Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner (CIMP), a globally acclaimed Certification for Marketing and Internet Professionals in association with Institute of iBusiness (IIB), a global division of EC-Council.

CIMP is a systematic, simple way to understand and implement effective online marketing strategies and cohesive marketing plans. CIMP presents a clear, tutorial approach to creating a profitable online business or marketing your offline business online. The concepts in the program add up to an organized reference guide to the "best of the best" of internet marketing. This certified program teaches students how to apply various marketing techniques to reach customers via digital technologies. This is inclusive of, but not limited to, building ecommerce websites, search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing, inbound marketing, social media, video marketing, blog marketing, mobile marketing and affiliate marketing.

Learning Objectives

  • Implement various mobile marketing like click to call, mobile advertising, SMS marketing, apps, and proximity marketing in order to reach out to customers via smart phones
  • Increase public awareness of product benefits and build a reputation among customers, suppliers, competitors and others
  • Create opportunities to make money, sales, click through, gain subscribers or opt-ins, outperform your competitors, chance of user�s sharing your site and referring to friends and family
  • Potential to increase search engine ranking, Alexa ranking, Google page rank and less need to advertise offline
  • Provide guidance to develop an effective e-commerce website
  • Identify various strategies to improve search-engine rankings
  • Develop and implement various types of advertising campaigns
  • Design and implement Internet and email marketing campaigns
  • Exploit the reach of social media and social networks for marketing campaigns
  • Identify the success factors of Mobile Advertising Value Chain and provide guidelines for successful mobile advertising
  • Understand web analytics and use the results for business decision making
  • Effectively communicate with customers using various means to generate leads or revenue for a business
  • Utilize hands on knowledge for collecting and analyzing data for allocating budgets for different media
  • Implement appropriate corporate and business strategies to best suit industry-specific requirements for promoting their products
  • Cross-functionally manage and maintain customer relationships
  • Track progress of marketing campaigns by using KPIs like google analytics, youtube analytics, mobile analytics tools, social media monitoring tools etc.
  • Roshcomm has customised an exclusive offering that combines the power of Learning System, self-study, Mobile and Digital content and Class room training. This combination of training delivery and constant facilitator support provides an unbeatable and affordable roadmap to sit and pass the Certification Exam offered by the world's leading certification body. Here are the deliverables:
    • Comprehensive coverage of all Internet Marketing domains
    • Hands-on approach to various Internet Marketing concepts
    • Courseware is supported by real-world case studies to provide students an understanding of day-to-day Internet marketing challenges and how to deal with them
    • Best practices, marketing tips, and checklists in each module
    • Online Mock Exams
    • Well illustrated lab manual to provide hands-on experience of various Internet Marketing techniques
    • In-class Drilling Sessions
    • Comprehensive Revision DVD-ROM containing more than 2 GB of open-source and evaluation versions of industry standard Internet marketing tools
    • Exam Guidance
    • Facilitator Support
    CIMP is for anyone who is looking to understand and implement Internet Marketing Practices in line with Global standards
    • Delegates from any background looking to explore Internet Marketing as a career
    • Middle and senior-level managers from marketing, e-commerce, web-design, sales and operations, strategic planning, and general management
    • Senior technology and information managers who support marketing, e-business programs, product, brand, e-marketing, and advertising managers
    • Finance managers responsible for customer profitability measurements and analysis, sales and service managers
    • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to maximize their marketing budget